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Every commercial, industrial, or condominium building in Florida has some sort of concrete structure in place – whether it be the slab, walls, parking deck, stem walls, or seawalls. If your structure has seen better days, our concrete contractors are here to provide all of your installation and repair needs. Our service area is in Naples, Bonita Springs, Fort Myers, and the rest of Southwest Florida. However, we've provided services in Tampa, Parrish, and even West Palm Beach so we're definitely willing to travel outside of our usual stomping grounds depending on the scope of your project.


We provide all services related to concrete like pouring, forming, finishing, stitching, as well as:

Plus we are approved to install all of the following systems: Sika/Combi Flex, BASF Systems, Euclid Systems, and Dow Corning silicone joints. If any of your existing concrete is in need of maintenance, repair or replacement, contact us today.


Epoxy and Urethane Injection Services

The process of injecting high viscosity epoxy into cracks in concrete floors and walls has become an effective means of restoring the structural integrity of the concrete. Another injection process involves pumping a chemical urethane grout into cracks and voids in the concrete floors and walls to stop water intrusion. Both processes are set up the same way.


  • Route open the cracks and clean out dust and debris.

  • Drill holes and set injection ports at predetermined intervals along the cracks.

  • Fill the crack between the ports with epoxy flush to the surface.

  • Pump high viscosity epoxy under pressure into ports.

  • Remove ports, fill holes, and grind epoxy flush to surface.


Seawall Restoration

Think of the vast numbers of waterfront properties in Naples Bay alone. Now when you add in all of the canal systems in Cape Coral, all waterfront condos in Ft Myers Beach & Marco Island, and all retail outlets in SWFL residing near the water, you can imagine the thousands of sea walls that need to be maintained (and in some cases, restored) due to the relentless attack of the elements! Seawalls are especially susceptible to:


  • Cracking which is commonly caused by settlement. Cracks seldom result in major structural problems if repaired in a timely manner.

  • Surface spalling – when the surface of hardened concrete breaks off due to the rebar being placed too close to the surface of the concrete topping.

  • Dusting – the presence of a powdery material at the surface of a hardened slab because the wearing surface is weak.


Our seawall restoration specialists are experts in repairing the problems listed above. Whether you manage a condominium or a commercial building, if your seawall is in need of repair, we’re just a phone call away.


Elevator Pit Waterproofing

With hundreds of condominiums in Naples, Marco Island, Bonita Springs, Cape Coral, and Fort Myers, one of the most frequent requests that we receive from members of the condo board is: “Our elevator pit is filled with water. Please help!” With the torrential downpours that the summer brings here in Southwest Florida, it’s a very common problem. As you’re probably already aware, if this standing water is left unchecked for too long:


  • It becomes a breeding ground for mosquitoes

  • Components in your elevator will rust and short out

  • Micro-organisms living in the water make it smell horrible

  • You’re going to hear major complaints from your residents


West Coast Florida Enterprises has adopted a technique for waterproofing elevator pits that has proven to be successful for our customers. We start by pumping out any standing water and disposing of it properly. We degrease the floor and elevator frame work. Then we drill holes through the concrete floor in a grid pattern and install injection ports.


We pump a chemical urethane grout through the ports to create a solid blanket of liquid urethane beneath the slab. The liquid urethane encapsulates the sand and when it comes in contact with water it transforms into a solid mass to create a waterproof barrier. We also install a cementicious cant joint around the perimeter of the pit at the intersection of the wall to the floor, and install a cementicious waterproofing product on the surface of the floor and up the walls approximately six inches. Last, we clean the steel framework and paint with an industrial rust inhibitive paint.


Soil Stabilization & Slab Jacking

When your building, condo, or structure was built, the contractors took painstaking measures to ensure that it was constructed on a solid foundation. However, if it was built on soft ground that’s unable to support its weight, it’s no longer structurally sound.


A shining example of this is the Leaning Tower of Pisa. While the tower remains a popular tourist attraction, it’s not fit for housing thousands of families as is the case for many condominiums here in Southwest Florida.


If your structure is suffering the effects of “shifting sands,” you can count on our soil stabilization experts to remedy the situation. First we stabilize the soil and then provide slab jacking services to even out your structure so that it’s on level ground.


Expansion Joint Restoration

Whether you are having problems with your walls, split decks, roof joints, parking decks, or wherever, our experts can resolve the issue. Leaking concrete joints can be sealed by urethane grout injection. But a more popular method is the use of an oakum product. Here is our process:


  1. The joint is thoroughly cleaned.

  2. A pre-soaked oakum material is packed into the joint.

  3. We spritz it with water to activate it.

  4. The joint is then injected with urethane.

  5. The bottom of the joint is sealed with an aesthetic urethane sealant.


By specifically designing the appropriate repair methods for each scenario, West Coast Florida Enterprises can fix the problem for years to come.

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