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Flat Roof Repair, 

Replacement and Maintenance


Serving Naples, Marco Island, Fort Myers and South Florida

A "flat roof" is just a generic term for a low slope roof that is not under a typical truss system. There are a large number of low slope styles, types, manufacturers, and specifications.


Flat roof systems are one of the most ever-changing roof styles today. With constant improvements to materials and attachment methods, there is much to know about these systems.




Some of the terminology used would include, but not limited to, the following:


  1. Built up roofs (BUR)

  2. Single ply roofs (TPO, PVC, EPDM)

  3. Modified Bitumen systems (Mod-bit, Cap Sheets)

  4. Coal tar roofs

The type of roof system chosen for a particular flat roof depends greatly on several factors.

Flat roof repair - Naples, FL

The substrate

  • What kind of deck is the roof being installed over?

  • Is the substrate concrete, wood, or metal?


The building usage

  • What is the building used for?

  • Is it a condo, business, industrial, or retail?


The roof penetrations

  • Are there a lot of roof penetrations?

  • Is there mechanical equipment?

  • Is the mechanical equipment on stands?


Life expectancy

  • How long of a useful or warrantied life do you desire?



After a type of roof system is chosen, then comes the specification/design of the roof system.

  1. Will the roof system and the entity where it is installed, require a 1/4″ per foot sloped insulation? How will this be achieved?

  2. Are there R-value requirements for the roof insulation?

  3. What length of warranty term is desired?

  4. How will the roof system chosen be attached to the substrate (screws, adhesive, asphalt, self adhered, etc.)?

  5. All roof systems must meet FL building code requirements, so a FL product approval and/or Metro/Dade NOA must be determined.




Another aspect of choosing a flat roof system is the warranty desired. Most flat roofs come with an NDL Warranty – (No Dollar Limit). This NDL Warranty is only available through the installing contractor that is certified for THAT manufacturer’s system. Most NDL Warranties have a fee attached. An NDL Warranty covers the installation techniques, material failures and roof leaks. Typically the installing contractor is “on the hook” for the first 2 years of the warranty term. A typical NDL Warranty is 20 years – some are 12, 15 or even 25 years. A non-NDL warranty is typically just considered a Material Failure Warranty – No labor or leaks are covered.


As you can clearly see, figuring out what kind of roof to install and how to install it is not as easy as it seems on the surface. This is why you see so many different kinds of flat roof systems. Every building has a unique need that should be met!


You will want to spend time with one of our roof experts in a consultation prior to making that difficult, but important, decision. We can assist you with design criteria including wind uplift, Energy-Star ratings, beauty and more.


Do you need a flat roof repaired, replaced, or maintained? Call (239) 433-9777 for a consultation.

West Coast is an approved applicator for most major manufacturers, including GAF, Elevate, Soprema, Carlysle, Dow, Flex, Certainteed, Fibertite and more.

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