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Fort Myers Concrete Contractors Hired to Implement FPL Diesel Tank Containment Project




Florida Power & Light (FPL) has commissioned Structural Injection Systems, concrete contractors based in Fort Myers, to oversee & implement the FPL Diesel Tank Containment Remediation project, beginning with the Manatee FPL Plant in Parrish, FL. UPDATE November 2020: We have discontinued all of our concrete repair and restoration services.



Scott Otey
West Coast Florida Enterprises
(239) 433-9777


FORT MYERS, FLORIDA (November 26, 2012) Structural Injection Systems announces it has been commissioned by Florida Power & Light (FPL) to oversee and implement the FPL Diesel Containment Tank Remediation project. This is a project that is needed throughout the state of Florida at various water, chemical, and power treatment plants. Structural Injection Systems’ most recent project was at the Manatee FPL Plant, located at 19050 State Rd 62 in Parrish, FL.


“This is a very important project for the state of Florida,” said Scott Otey, Structural Injection Systems. “We have prepared our team for the implementation of the work and are excited about getting it underway. We also look forward to the opportunity to perform this much needed work for other FPL plants across the state.”


The scope of work for the FPL Diesel Containment Tank Remediation project consists of the following elements:


  • Soil stabilization – Pump Epoxy into (30) port locations and raise slab to make level

  • Slab stabilization – Pump Dneef Hydro Active Flex every 24" around slab-to-floor base

  • Seal all floor cracks – Pump Deneef Flex LV at 45 degree angles along all cracks

  • Properly seal cracks with GC-2 Polysulfide

  • Final Coating – Coat all concrete surfaces using BASF Thorocoat


“The problem being rectified is almost epidemic across Florida, in that many containment pits have experienced structural cracks that have been ignored,” says Otey. “These open cracks take on water and before you know it the ground below becomes unstable. Proper maintenance to a containment pit would prevent such a problem, but all too often maintenance is not budgeted. This method of repair is something not too many contractors can pull off. We are proud to be one of the few in Florida with the technology, equipment and know-how to accomplish such an important scope of work”.


For more information about the FPL Diesel Containment Tank Remediation project, or for information about Structural Injection Systems, call (239) 433-9777.


Structural Injection Systems is a company of concrete contractors, who are based in Fort Myers, Florida. They specialize in the following services: concrete restoration, structural repairs, soil stabilization, elevator pit waterproofing, slab jacking, parking deck & joint repairs, regrouting/epoxy of concrete railings, and seawalls.


West Coast Florida Enterprises, the parent company of Structural Injection Systems, specializes in residential and commercial roofing systems in Lee County while their other child company: Collier County Roofing, focuses on residential roofing systems in Naples, FL and surrounding areas. For more information visit their blog at




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