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Metal roofs

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Are you considering changing to a metal roof? You are probably making the right decision! A metal roof is by far one of the best products that can be installed on a sloped roof. Advantages include longevity, wind resistance, low maintenance, and resale value!


There are essentially three kinds of metal roofs that can be installed, with several styles of each.


  1. 5V Crimp or Corrugated Panels

  2. Standing Seam Panels

  3. Metal Tile or Metal Shingles


Here is some brief information about each of these three Metal Roof Types…


5V Crimp or Corrugated Panels


5V Crimp / Corrugated Panels

These metal roof panels are all face fastened to the roof deck using exposed screws. Typically these screws will have a hex head and rubber washer. Normally the gauge of these panels is 26 gauge Galvalume OR .032 aluminum. Occasionally you will see an upgrade to 24 gauge Galvalume.


Most of the time these are non-painted (Mil-Finished) metallic panels. If you do see them as a painted metal, it is typically just an electroplated or baked on standard paint finish. Many times with these panels you will see the darker colors fade quickly, especially the blue and green colors.


One distinct disadvantage of these panels is the face fastening. The exposed screws over time will begin to wear and even loosen somewhat. At some point the screws will need to be replaced with newer, larger screws.

Metal roofing system on the Children's Museum of Naples

Standing Seam Panels

All standing seam panel systems, regardless of the actual style, are fastened with concealed fasteners under the panels. This is an obvious advantage over the previously discussed Face Fastened Systems. The fasteners are protected from the weather!


A typical Standing Seam System is 24 gauge or .032 Aluminum. You will sometimes see an upgrade to a .040 Aluminum Panel. If the standing seam roof system is a painted color, it is typically a Kynar, or equal, paint finish. This means that under normal conditions the paint color will not fade, or at least not nearly as fast. Typically you will receive a 20 year Paint Finish Warranty from the manufacturer of the Standing Seam Roof System. The usual exceptions to that warranty are Coastal Applications within 1/2 mile of the salt water. Important Fact: If you are on or near the salt water, your warranty requires that you periodically wash your metal panels and flashings! A standing seam roof system has an excellent wind uplift rating, mostly due to the concealed fastening.


There are three basic styles of standing seam roofs to choose from.


1) Screw-Strip fastening with Snap-Lok Seams

These panels do not have a separate clip that holds them in place. Instead, they have a flange along the vertical side with pre-drilled holes that the screws are fastened through. The adjacent panel then snaps over that panel. These are installed using screws and the spacing is determined by the code requirements for that particular panel manufacturer. The advantage to this system is it’s expedient installation, which translates to a cost savings for the consumer.

2) Snap-Lok with Clips

These panels are fastened to the deck using a separate clip that is installed over the edge of one panel, then the adjacent panel snaps over that panel. Typically these clips are installed using two screws per clip and the clip spacing is determined by the code requirements for that particular panel manufacturer. One of the advantages of this system is the ease of replacing a panel, should it become damaged, without affecting the adjacent panel.


3) Mechanically Seamed

These panels are also installed with a clip, but instead of the vertical seam being snapped together from panel to panel, the seam is rolled into a mechanical seam using an electronic roller. The advantage of this system is that it is the strongest and most wind resistant panel you can install. A disadvantage of this system is that should repairs need to be made to a particular panel, both adjacent panels–and possibly more–are affected.


Metal Tile and Metal Shingle

Although these are considered the newest form of metal roofing, they have been around for at least 25-30 years. A metal tile roof is essentially a 24 gauge steel panel that is embossed with a ceramic granule and is formed (shaped) to resemble a tile or a shake or a shingle, depending on the consumer’s preference. They are installed using a face fastening system with rubber washers. These panels can be beautiful, especially in an elevated application. When installed on a first floor level, such as a standard residence, they can look somewhat artificial, especially around the details. The color choices and shapes are plentiful to choose from. As of today, there still are not any manufacturer leak warranties available on a Metal Tile System, like there are for some Standing Seam Roof Systems.


So, as you can see, there are important decisions that must be made in the selection of a metal roof. “One size does NOT fit all” when it comes to Metal Roof Systems! Our experts can assist you with this very important decision.


Ready to get a metal roof? Call (239) 433-9777 or email us with any questions.


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