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Just How Talented is the Florida Contractor That You've Chosen?

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

Please note: as of November 2020, West Coast Florida Enterprises has chosen to discontinue its concrete repair and restoration services.

Ever hire a Florida general contractor that just doesn't cut the mustard?

How about hiring one that leaves your grounds looking like this?

Rubble on construction site

This is one of the major frustrations that we regularly hear from condo managers and owners of commercial buildings that we work with, and with good reason!

Think about it. Each condo manager is responsible for the happiness of each of her tenants. All too often when contractors don't take the time to clean up after themselves, condo owners get upset when they have to walk past rubble during demolition and construction. Then they complain to the management.

And what customer who goes to a shopping plaza likes to inhale dust and look at rubble strewn all over the place? When customers stop shopping, business owners lose money, and the building owner gets an earful.

Then there's the issue of sub-contractors

If you manage a commercial building in Florida (such as a school, hospital, library, shopping plaza, condo complex, etc) you've most likely hired a contractor for construction or repair work at one time or another.

All too often contractors either don't have enough man-power or they simply aren't talented enough to handle different scopes of work. While they may excel in general restoration, they might not have anyone who can repair concrete.

In addition, j'ever notice that the contractor that you hired understands the importance of keeping the grounds clean and free of rubble. But that subcontractor that he hired didn't get the memo? Ever happen to you?

It's enough to make you go nuts! That's why we recommend you...

Hire a courteous contractor with talent

Courteous contractors realize the importance of keeping your grounds clean especially from November through April when many seasonal residents are present in Southwest Florida.

Plus, talented Florida contractors like West Coast Florida Enterprises have very little need to sub-contract work to other companies because we already have a group of super-talented men and women who can get the job done.

What makes us unique is that we're problem solvers who love to fix things. Most importantly we're almost ALWAYS able to do the work, in-house!

It's so important to do your REsearch when you consider hiring a Florida contractor. There are several "REs" that every professional contractor you hire should have in-depth knowledge of.

We recently wrote an eBook that we'd like to share with you over the next few months that outlines a few of the "RE" services at our company such as:

  • REroofing

  • REpair

  • REstoration

  • REmoval and REplacement

It's all available for free in The 8 "REs" of Florida Contractors.

When you need a contractor to handle all of your building's exterior needs, you know who to call. We specialize in tough, industrial work that no one else can do.

Go ahead and put us to the test. You won't be disappointed. These customers certainly weren't. Call (239) 433-9777 or email us online.


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