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Concrete REstoration and REpair of Decks, Expansion Joints, and Walls

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

Please note: as of November 2020, West Coast Florida Enterprises has chosen to discontinue its concrete repair and restoration services.

Epoxy & Urethane concrete injections for repair


Whether it’s for safety reasons, raising your property value, or just beautifying your home or office, a little concrete restoration may be necessary. Some of the most common projects we are hired to restore include:


A well-built deck will last for decades. However, if your deck is rotting or missing fasteners, or if it moves when you walk on it, it may be dangerous.

There are many reasons decks may need to be restored. It may have been built by an inexperienced do-it-yourselfer, not inspected when it was built, or is more than 15 years old (building codes were different back then!)

These decks are all susceptible to serious problems. Every year, people are severely injured, even killed, when decks like these collapse. This can often happen during parties or gatherings when the deck is over-filled with guests.

The good news? Most deck fixes are quick and affordable. Just make sure you hire a professional so it will be a solid fix that will last for years to come!

Expansion Joints

Leaking concrete expansion joints can also be restored by urethane grout injection. But a more popular method is the use of an oakum product.

After the joint is thoroughly cleaned, a pre-soaked oakum material is packed into the joint and then spritzed with water to activate it. The joint is then injected with urethane and the bottom is sealed with an aesthetic urethane sealant.


Injection of epoxy or urethane is used to remedy water intrusion into concrete walls and floors. The process is fast and efficient with little disruption to the area.

After the crack is cleaned and grinded, we install injection ports at predetermined intervals along the cracks as pictured above. The surface of the crack is sealed with epoxy and then the ports are filled with high viscosity epoxy material.

Whatever you are having problems with, our experts can resolve the issue by specifically designing the appropriate repair methods for each scenario.

If you've got a job that you think is too big for most concrete contractors in the Fort Myers, FL area to handle, please call us at (239) 433-9777 and let us take a look.

Florida Power & Light has even hired us to implement their diesel containment tank remediation project.

For more information on how we may be able to help you with the exterior of your building, please download our free eBook.


This is the third of 8 “REs” of Florida Contractors, which can also be downloaded for FREE from our eBook library.

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