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REmoval and REplacement of Sidewalks, Railings, Brick Pavers, and More

Updated: Mar 1, 2019

Sanded brick pavers

Sometimes REstoring something just isn’t in the cards and REmoving/REplacing is your only option. Isn’t it amazing how almost anything exterior degrades over time, especially here in Southwest Florida?!

The weather here even takes it’s toll on all things metal and concrete.

Are you experiencing issues with exterior metal or concrete items? In the last few years we have been doing a lot of REmoving and REplacing of items such as:


You may have experienced severe cracking or possibly even broken concrete sidewalks due to root intrusion or settling. We can help!


If your aluminum or steel railings have not been well maintained and have not had a good coat of paint on them, you may be ready for REplacement! You can REplace them with pre-finished or powder coated pipe or square tube railings.

Exterior Stairs

Often we find deteriorated exterior stairs that have not been properly maintained or painted regularly. When it gets this bad, REplacement is imperative! We can REplace the stairs with new welded aluminum stairs that are as beautiful as they are long-lasting!

Brick Pavers/Tile

You may have noticed your exterior pavers/tiles have either cracked or have been negatively affected by root intrusion – this is a common problem. This can typically be REpaired – but if the pavers are too weathered due to lack of maintenance, REplacement may be in the cards for you!

Our In-House experts (NOT sub-contracted) can fabricate, weld, pour, and build just about anything around your building that has seen better days!

Download a copy of our helpful guide for 7 other ways an exceptional Florida Contractor can restore your commercial building.

Is it time to replace your sidewalks, railings, etc? If so, please call us in Southwest Florida at (239) 433-9777 or email us for more information.

Raise the roof!


This is the fourth of 8 “REs” of Florida Contractors, which can also be downloaded for FREE from our eBook library.

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