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Roof Leaking in SWFL? Relax. We got this!

Updated: Mar 1, 2019

Rainy season is almost upon us--you wouldn’t think so as dry as things are out there right now. I was recently watching an episode of “LIVE-PD” and had a sort of epiphany about rains and roof leaks.

Not sure if you have seen this show, but it is quite interesting… they follow several different police cruisers from all around the Country, switching back and forth as action happens live. Here's an example.

Typically, you will notice that your average police officer is so calm when handling upset people. A good officer can enter into a high stress situation with complete calm, able to quiet the agitated parties. They just don’t let the agitation get the best of them and they remain calm in an otherwise stressful scenario. This is what THEY DO!

In one particular episode, an officer was faced with an unconscious person laying on the sidewalk. There was no pulse, so the officer had to act quickly.

Now this officer was entering a realm a bit outside his comfort zone, having to switch hats and become an EMT of sorts. He began chest compressions and mouth to mouth. You could see his level of stress rising and his body became very tense and uneasy. Typically this officer would be calm, but this was something he doesn’t deal with every day.

When the actual EMT crew arrived, THEY were very calm, very at ease with the situation and very calmly cared for the unconscious man. This is what THEY DO!

As this was playing out on TV, it made me realize something about us, the West Coast Team. When you the homeowner/business owner or property manager are faced with a roof leak, it can be very stressful for you. Especially when seeing water come through the ceiling and into your room. But, for us it is routine.

When you call us in a panic, we are seemingly taking the news very lightly, because it’s what WE DO!

I realized then that our calm sometimes translates to you as… apathetic or uncaring!

We just don’t get nervous or stressed out over roof leaks, but need to realize that YOU do.

Rainy season is almost upon us--so when you call in your roof leak and we don’t treat it like a national emergency, I hope you’ll remember…

It’s just what WE DO!


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