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Why are roofers in Southwest FL advertising in this booming economy?

Updated: Mar 1, 2019

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A few years ago we did a series of blogs and an e-book on the RE’s of our services… REroofing, REmove, REplace, etc etc.

But, there are two more RE’s that are even more important that have been on my mind the past few weeks.

If you’re in the Southwest Florida area and listen to the radio or watch cable news, you’ll hear and see commercials by various roofing contractors from this area. They will remain nameless for this writing, but you know who they are.

It’s peculiar, that in this current climate of a booming economy combined with the high residual business from Hurricane Irma, that any roofing contractor would be compelled to spend large dollars on advertising.

It can only be because they are lacking two things….REferral and REpeat Business!!

Our company absolutely thrives from REpeat and REferral business! We are so thankful to our clients over the years who continuously refer us to other clients.

We are aware enough to understand WHY our clients have the confidence to REFER us to their friends, co-workers, peers, etc… it’s our REputation for Quality!

Quality – That’s what separates us from the others. Quality – That’s what separates us from the roofing contractors on TV and on the Radio.

Why? Because of YOU and your REferrals and your REpeat business! Thank you.

Give us a call if we can serve you.

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