Staff Members

Bruce Nicholas.jpg
Bruce Nicholas


Bruce Nicholas is the founder and CEO of West Coast Florida Enterprises and Collier County Roofing. Bruce began this business in 1985 after many years working in and around the roofing industry. Bruce is very well respected in the industry and is known to be extremely knowledgable in all aspects of construction. Incidentally, Bruce recently discovered this thing called the "internet". (no, really!)

Scott Otey.jpg
Scott Otey


Scott has been with the organization since 1990. In his 20+ years with West Coast he has been involved in every aspect of sales and management. Now as President, he will be responsible for the company’s overall day to day management. All officers will report to Otey and he will have the last word in all corporate matters. Yes, that's a Forehead not a FiveHead!

ryan Nicholas.jpg
Ryan Nicholas

Vice President

​The company’s former commercial roofing superintendent is being groomed to lead the family business in the future. As VP, Ryan will attend most meetings regarding corporate matters, including financial, legal and contractual concerns. I'm pretty sure before this, he was a lumberjack.

Tim Waters.jpg
Tim Waters

Vice President of Operations

​Tim Waters has moved through the ranks starting as a Truss Installer and now has decision making authority with regards to the daily operations in the warehouse, field, and custom ornamental and welded fabrications division. He has many years experience in the steel arena and continues to expand his knowledge base every day. His quick wit and fun attitude are just what's needed these days! He can dish it better than he can take it!

terrill Brake.jpg
Terrill Brake

Vice President of Sales

​Terrill Brake, once known as the company’s sales manager overseeing its roofing division, is moving up to Vice President of Sales. He spent 5 years with WCFE in the early 2000’s and returned home in early 2014. As VP of sales, Brake will have both decision making authority and the authority to negotiate contracts in all things sales related. By the way,  if you can't reach Terrill, which happens to us a lot, he's probably in the GA woods.

Harold Martin.jpg
Harold Martin

Chief Compliance Officer

​Harold Martin began working with our firm in 2000 when we moved into our current facility in Fort Myers. Harold's vast experience in water intrusion detection and waterproofing made him a natural fit. Harold has the authority to make decisions on behalf of the company with regard to safety, risk management, compliance, and other legal matters. His positive attitude and outlook on life continually keeps the staff in a good mood. ps: he's also the old guy!

Debbie Evans.jpg
Debbie Evans

Chief Financial Officer

Debbie is originally from New Jersey -  South Jersey that is, just so youzz don't get any ideas!

  • Italian and Irish decent – YIKES!

  • Graduated college from USF – Go Bulls -  \m/

  • Florida licensed CPA - we refer to her as "Master of Coin"! 

  • She likes to read Excel manuals for relaxation and... - zzz - zzz - zzz

  • Misses the snow and would love to retire somewhere cold - weirdo!

Bill Fortin.jpg
Bill Fortin

Service Division Manager

​Bill Fortin has brought with him vast knowledge in building a Roofing Service Department. He has increased revenues while cutting costs - We are fortunate to have his leadership in our service division and......................... He's not as old as he looks!

Opie Faas.jpg
Opie Faas

Ornamental Guru

Tim "Opie" Faas has joined the team in 2015! Tim's vast experience in Ornamental Welding and Railings was a perfect fit for our newest venture. By the way... He may have bumped Harold Martin out of the slot for "Old Guy"!

Dan Kupfer.jpg
Dan Kupfer

Structural Steel Division

Dan Kupfer, "Dan-O", is originally from the Wild Wild West and has been Designing and Fabricating Structural Steel since the 80’s. He has provided structural steel for high rises in New York and Philadelphia and also Nuclear and Coal generated power plants out west.  He and his wife have three children and now have three grandchildren!  When Dan-O is not working, you'll find him Kayaking, or with his wife mining for semi-precious stones in North Carolina and Georgia - which they turn into jewelry!

Tim Brennan.jpg
Tim Brennan

Senior Project Manager

​Tim Brennan is a transplant from Indiana and graduated from Purdue University with a degree in Mechanical Engineering Technology. He likes to spend his free time drag racing his street car (at a track) and working on cars. He also enjoys boating and going to the beach with his wife and daughter. At West Coast Florida Enterprises, he's our Project Manager and also does some bidding, provides cad details when needed, and designs light gauge steel trusses. And, probably most importantly, his calculator is very sophisticated compared to everyone else!

Rich Lamb.jpg
Rich Lamb

Special Projects

Rich Lamb is most familiar to our Naples clientele. He is director of special projects and re-roofing for the Collier County area. His many years in the residential market make him a valuable asset in our roof replacement arena. You can't see it here, but he has a great smile - Really!

Jose Murillo.jpg
Jose "Chido" Murillo

Structural Steel Division

Jose "Chido" Murillo is one of our longest term employees at over 20 years! Jose is an incredibly talented individual. He is our go-to-guy anytime we have a difficult installation or problem to solve. He is experienced in sheet metal, concrete, stucco, and every aspect of roofing. An invaluable resource for our well rounded company. He is also our resident "West Coast Historian", always pulling old documents and pictures out of his archives!

Stacey Nicholas.jpg
Stacy Nicholas

Personnel Administrator

Stacy is our YOUNGEST Team Member! She brings a much needed "i-Gen vibe" to the office. Her duties include all things related to payroll and personnel benefits, as well as working with the Payables.

Victor Littlejohn.jpg
Victor Littlejohn

Service / Maintenance Sales

Victor started in the roofing industry in the late 1990’s as a sales manager for a coatings manufacturer & applicator in West Virginia. He had a business degree and previous management experience, but not in the roofing industry, so for him it was a steep learning curve. After several years in that position, he accepted a position in Southwest Florida in 2001 with yet another coatings applicator. With the exception of one other stop along the way, he remained in that position until joining West Coast Florida Enterprises in September 2015. In his roofing career, Victor has been responsible for managing estimators and foremen as well as managing some rather large restoration projects.

Doug Groppenbecker_sq.jpg
Doug Groppenbecker

Safety and Fleet Management

Doug has many talents, with his background in concrete restoration, he still oversees some of that work – but now he is primarily our safety director and provides oversight with our fleet and equipment records. Unfortunately for him, he has to share an office with..… Harold Martin!

Mary Seybold_sq.jpg
Mary Seybold

Ornamental Division Admin

Mary joined the team in 2016 and quickly turned things around for the Ornamental Division. She is very organized and keeps the boyzz in line! She’s super sweet until it’s time to collect $$, then watch out! It’s also handy having her around to remember everyone’s birthdays! – (and anniversary dates, and hire dates, and….)

Kalen Brake_sq.jpg
Kalen Brake

Roofing Superintendent

Kalen is supervising many of our commercial roof projects and is quickly becoming the go to guy for our Single Ply Flat Roof projects! Poor guy, looks a lot like his Old Man!

Josh Otey_sq.jpg
Josh Otey

Roofing Superintendent

Josh is now supervising most of our residential reroofs, as well as some larger Condo and Clubhouse renovations. Unfortunately, he too looks a lot like his old man – Poor Guy!

Tyler Garcia_sq.jpg
Tyler Garcia

Project Manager

Tyler started here as a service tech and has grown quickly into a very valuable position here at West Coast. He has a lot to learn, but is very eager and a real go-getter – He seems to be fitting in nicely… and should become a real NAG to Terrill!!

Valeria Otey.png
Valeria Otey

Roofing Contracts Administrator

Valeria might be our most recent addition, but she’s certainly the sweetest. Her trilingual abilities will prove to be very beneficial to our work here. We look forward to watching her grow in the company.