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Metal Roof Trusses

Steel Truss Manufacturers

West Coast Florida Enterprises, Inc., is an authorized manufacturer of ALPINE TrusSteel light-gauge steel trusses. As with all our services, our main service area is Naples, Fort Myers, Cape Coral and all of Southwest Florida. However, depending on the complexity of the project, we are willing to venture outside of Lee, Collier, and Charlotte counties to install these trusses.


With the aid of Alpine’s proprietary design software, we can provide all ranges of design capabilities. From preliminary sketches to a full set of working truss drawings and layout for permitting or construction. The unique design of these metal trusses yields exceptional weight to strength ratios, design flexibility and a variety of anchoring systems.


West Coast Florida Enterprises, Inc. can provide:

Furthermore, we can provide you with many miscellaneous items that are not provided by other metal truss fabricators or installers. Our ability to furnish and install a total truss system is what sets us apart and above others in the industry.

Truss Gallery

metal roof trusses
roof truss company, Fort Myers, FL
steel truss manufacturers
steel roof trusses
Alpine TrusSteel Trusses, plenum
Right triangle truss
steel truss design
truss companies
truss manufacturer - tie beam
Tower framing built at ground level
ALPINE TrusSteel
roof truss design, Southwest Florida
Radius framing
Radial truss framing in progress
roof trusses
Esperia Welded Aluminum Trellis
Trusses under Esperia's roof
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