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Fort Myers Roofers Awarded Naples Preserve Roofing Project




The Fort Myers roofers at West Coast FL Enterprises, were recently awarded a contract to recreate the uniquely designed roof for the iconic Naples Preserve building. The project is estimated for completion by July 31, 2012.



Scott Otey
West Coast Florida Enterprises
(239) 433-9777


NAPLES, FLORIDA (May 29, 2012) The Naples Preserve Hedges Family Eco Center is a city owned facility that has been a landmark in Naples for many years. One of the distinguishing attributes of this building is its unique roof, with Bermuda style architecture and angular lines. So, when the time came for a new roof, the Naples City Council was very concerned about maintaining the same aesthetic look that this building has become known for. The Fort Myers roofers at West Coast FL Enterprises, quickly rose to the challenge. The company was recently awarded the Naples Preserve project, which is estimated for completion by July 31, 2012.


“This roof presented a very unique design challenge, as any conventional roof system would not have allowed for the intricate lines and Bermuda Style that the City insisted on keeping,” said Scott Otey, West Coast FL Enterprises. “But, we are up for the challenge and are very excited about this project. You simply don’t change an iconic area building!”


The Naples Preserve is a unique green space located in the heart of Naples, bordered on the west by U.S. 41 and on the north by Fleischmann Boulevard. The building stands on a pristine, nine and a half acre scrub oak community which was saved from development by the citizens of Naples. The Preserve’s purchase was financed by a $9 million bond referendum, which was passed in February 2000. The area contains a wide variety of plants and wildlife that are associated with one of the oldest ecological communities in Florida. Following the purchase of the Preserve, volunteers spent hundreds of hours removing exotic, non-native growth and trash that had accumulated over the years.


The new roof of the Preserve will consist of a white, cementitous surface, which will be installed to match the original style. West Coast FL Enterprises assisted in the development of the roof, creating a stair-stepped foam base layer, covered by a cementitious overlay, then coated with layers of White GAF Top Coat material. The dry-in material will be a 2-ply Self Adhered SBS Modified membrane roof system. Removal of the old roof is set to begin this week.


West Coast FL Enterprises was chosen as the roofing contractor for the Naples Preserve because of their high level of experience in working on unique roofing projects such as this.


“Whenever there is a difficult or unique roofing related project to be done in Naples, we seem to be the ones getting the call. We enjoy challenges such as these, and have worked on everything from Radius Roofs, Copper Dormers, Curved Tile Roofs, Round Gutter, Domes, Cones…you name it!”


One of such projects, awarded to West Coast FL Enterprises, includes the Jet Blue Fenway Park South Red Sox stadium in Fort Myers. The striking canopy roof over the stadium undulates and zig-zags, making it the most notable attribute of the stadium. The design was laid out to mimic the Florida cypress tree preserve across the street, but also provides a high level of functionality. The roof line serves as a way to maximize the shade, protecting fans sitting in the main grandstand from the hot Florida sun. The stadium and the Naples Preserve are only a few of the many unique and custom roofing projects that West Coast FL Enterprises has undertaken.

For more information about the Naples Preserve roofing project or other services provided by West Coast FL Enterprises, call 239-433-9777.


West Coast Florida Enterprises, Inc is a group of Fort Myers roofers that offer roof maintenance, roof replacement, and roof repairs across Southwest Florida. Choose from a variety of products including tile roofs, flat roofs, and shingle roofs. Our other commercial services include: steel trusses, aluminum fabrication, cladding, trellises and much more.




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