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Port Royal, Naples FL Luxury Home


Port Royal at Gordon Pass

Naples, FL 34102


The owners of this luxury home in Port Royal, Naples, FL at Gordon Pass, hired West Coast Florida Enterprises to install a two-piece cap and pan clay tile roof on their home as it was being built. The roof was installed with double stacked eaves, 5 stacked hip pointers, exposed mortar, and staggered cap lines.


A large portion of the roof is installed over open furring. You can actually see the bottom of the roof tiles from inside of the home!


  • Installation technique - Vertical 2x battens with the tile screwed and glued.

  • Underlayment - Polyglass 2-ply peel and stick membrane.

Like what you see? Want a similar roof for your home or business? Contact us to schedule a consultation. This home's roof can be viewed from Gordon Pass in Naples, FL.

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