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Service and Maintenance

Roof maintenance

Serving Naples, Marco Island, Fort Myers, and South Florida

Does the roof on your condo complex or commercial building need repair? Does your warranty cover preventive maintenance? Sprung a leak? Call (239) 433-9777.

All roofs, especially low slope roofs, need periodic routine maintenance and inspections performed. This is something that should be done by a professional roofing contractor. West Coast Florida Enterprises has a fully-staffed service department ready and willing to provide roof repairs or maintenance to your building.


Generally speaking, we can service a roof and keep it lasting longer so you can postpone a costly roof replacement. Whether you need:

  • Leak repair

  • Moisture intrusion detection

  • Roof equipment installation

  • Or just a simple service call 

The best roofers stand ready to serve you!


Our unique, annual Roof Maintenance and Warranty program could be the right fit for your roof because it can be modified to fit your every need. Through this program, we can provide a full report including detailed photos and a description of any needed repairs.


Those clients whose roofs we install have the unique opportunity to receive a renewable leak free warranty every year. In addition, you'll receive preferential response treatment in times of natural disaster and 24 hour emergency services.

Has the roof on your condo complex or commercial building been inspected recently? If not let's schedule an appointment.

Please Note: We no longer offer free residential roof inspections. We aren't taking on new customers with regard to residential repairs. The only residential work we are accepting is roof replacement.

Maintenance is the key to a long-lasting roof

It's commonsense that a well maintained roof will far outlast one that's been neglected. Unfortunately, neglected roofs often catch their owners by surprise. In fact, according to a professional roofing study by GAF, 29% of roofing expenditures are unplanned and have not been budgeted for. OUCH! If you manage a condo or commercial building, that's going to be a bitter pill for your residents and tenants to swallow when they find out they'll be footing the bill.


But you don't have to be a member of the twenty-nine percent! You can avoid all the headaches by keeping it well maintained and our roofers in Naples can help. If your roof is a good candidate, West Coast Florida Enterprises can propose a maintenance plan that will help prolong its useful life for as long as possible.


If replacement is eminent, we are fully equipped to provide the specification best suited for your roof. We specialize in flat roofs (which are also called low-slope roofs and found mostly on commercial buildings), metal roofs, tile roofs, and shingle roofs. Ready to get started?

Roofing expenditures breakdown: Source - GAF
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