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Sandlewood Square


4760 Tamiami Trail N # 101

Naples, FL 34103

(239) 261-0265


The owner of Sandlewood Square (home of the Holocaust Museum of Southwest Florida), wanted to update the look and modernize his building. They started out with a “Pizza Hut Style” roof, that is, double pitched slope with flat tops. West Coast Florida Enterprises eliminated the higher section of the trusses and replaced them with steeper trusses that came to a ridge line at the top.

In order to keep the building dry at all times, we first went inside the attic spaces and installed a plywood floor inside, on top of the bottom chord, with a peel and stick membrane. Then, as we removed the higher section of trusses, the interior spaces were always under the protection of a membrane.


The finished roof is a 24 gage Mil Finish Snap-Lok standing seam panel system. We topped it all off with a new Entry Portico, new elevator tower framing, and new gutters all around.

If you'd like to see our work with your own eyes, you can get directions to Sandlewood Square below. Like what you see? Tell us how we can help you. Contact us for a consultation.

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