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West Coast Florida Enterprises has been in business since 1985. And with such a large group of talented individuals working under the same roof, we've been blessed to accrue a tremendous amount of wisdom. Over our 30+ years spent in building restoration, the questions we've received from prospective customers remain the same.


  • How can I avoid getting scammed by an unscrupulous general contractor?

  • How can I be sure that I'm truly covered under my warranty?

  • What roofing system is the best and why?


In 2011, we realized the need for short, yet helpful guides to empower you to make an educated decision before doing business with a contractor. So we wrote a couple of eBooks that you can download for free. Please enjoy and feel free to share them with others.

8 REs
The 8 "REs" of Florida Contractors

Whether you manage a small commercial building consisting of a few offices OR a huge, high rise condo complex, deciding on a general contractor isn’t easy. Sure, there are plenty of viable candidates, but how can you be sure that the Florida contractor that you hire is going to be able to get the job done, while making your board of directors happy?


For instance, you might hire a contractor to upgrade your roof and REstore the appearance of the exterior of your building. But contractor ABC is only able to do roofing and must sub-contract the restoration work to contractor XYZ. While ABC may clean up after themselves and arrive promptly to work every day, XYZ…not so much.


What if you were able to find one general contractor (or more appropriately, one Problem Solver) that is not only REliable, but who could accomplish the following tasks for you?


  • REroof your building

  • REstore decks, walls, and expansion joints

  • REmove and REplace pavers, railings, sidewalks, and exterior stairs

  • REpair concrete slabs, stem walls, sea walls, plaza decks, and more


And what if this problem solver had been in business since 1985 and had an excellent REputation in the community? Wouldn’t you want to do business with them?


By downloading this eBook, you’ll learn several “RE’s” that every professional contractor YOU hire should have an in-depth knowledge of.

The 8 REs of Florida Contractors
Do's and Don'ts
Do's and Don'ts of Roofing - For YOU the Consumer
Dos and Donts of Roofing For YOU the Consumer

The Do’s and Don’ts of Roofing – For YOU the Consumer is a great resource to teach you what kinds of questions to ask your roofing contractor. You’ll learn:


  • How to get a professional roof evaluation before buying a new roof

  • A little about different roofing systems and how to research roofing companies

  • How to get your roofing contractor to put all his promises in writing


This eBook is FREE therefore we highly recommend downloading it now, because you don’t want to be in an emergency situation where your roof is leaking water while you’re discussing the finer details of a contract with your roofing contractor!

10 Things About Roofing
Ten Things About Roofing You May Not Know

Ten Things About Roofing You May Not Know will teach you about:


  • Properly maintenaning your roof

  • Common pitfalls of warranties

  • Ways to recognize scammers

  • Determining when it's time for a new roof

  • Why metal roofs are simply the best

  • The truth about tile roofs

  • The facts about peel and stick membranes

  • If you need one, what credentials qualify a pro roofer


For more information, we recommend reading "Hiring a Roofing Contractor" and "Consumer Considerations." Download a free copy today.

10 Things about Roofing You May Not know
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