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Concrete, Expansion Joint, and Structural Repairs

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

Please note: as of November 2020, West Coast Florida Enterprises has chosen to discontinue its concrete repair and restoration services.

concrete deck repair for condos in Naples, FL

If you’ve ever had a brand new house made of concrete constructed on your property, you probably noticed cracks in your exterior walls a few months after completion. These cracks develop because of the settling of concrete in your walls and foundation.

If these cracks are not fixed or neglected, over time they become larger due to the earth’s natural heating and cooling cycles. As you know, heat causes objects to expand while cold temperatures cause objects to contract. And although Southwest Florida rarely sees freezing temperatures, on occasion it has happened.

When water seeps into a crack and freezes, it produces a tremendous amount of force which causes the cracks to widen even further. That’s why you’ll find that many roads up in the northern states need to repaved after a long, hard winter.

Cracks left in walls, columns, or foundations for too long can become havens for pests, mold, and can be structurally unsound. So if you’ve been searching for:

  • Concrete driveway repair

  • Concrete floor repair

  • Concrete expansion joint filler

  • Structural repairs

…for your home or business, we’d like to introduce you to our sister company Structural Injection Systems, the best concrete contractors in Fort Myers and surrounding areas.

Since acquiring Structural Injection Systems last year, one of our goals has been to highlight their services and bring them to the fore front because this is one group of very talented guys that you may not have heard about yet.

But that’s about to change.

You see, every commercial or condominium building in SW Florida has some sort of concrete structure in place whether it be the slab, walls, parking deck, stem walls, seawalls, etc. Many residential homes in our area, especially those that were built according to the Florida Building Code enacted in 2002, also have many concrete elements in their design.

When your existing concrete is in need of maintenance, repair or replacement the guys at Structural Injection Systems are the ones to call. They specialize in all things concrete and more.

Although it would be great if you chose to work with us, there is no obligation to do so after downloading our ebook. We’ll even give you a few questions to ask our competitors before you choose to work with them.

Need immediate concrete repair? Call us at (239) 433-9777.


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