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6: DO Ask Your Roofer Questions and Get It In Writing

Updated: Mar 1, 2019

You should never…ever…hire a roofer without a signed contract. The contract needs to be as detailed as possible, and should be signed by both the roofer and the homeowner(s). The contract should cover areas such as:

Time frame for completion of work

Attempt to hold the contractor to a start date and completion date.

Work schedule

This should include both working hours and site clean up.


The contract should include all specific products to be used, costs, and payment method.

Legal issues

Regarding permits and contract.

Before signing on the dotted line, don’t be afraid to ask questions. Any roofing contractor who knows his roof, will take the time to answer your questions up front and in as much detail as possible.

Questions that you should ask:

  1. Will my roof qualify for a Secondary Water Barrier mitigation through my insurance carrier? If they do not know the answer… FLEE!

  2. How long does the contractor guarantee against leaks? Hold the contractor accountable for as long as you can!

  3. Will the contractor employ subcontractors for the work? They SHOULDN’T be using subcontractors for the labor, but IF they do, that subcontractor MUST hold a roofing license or they are not legitimate!

  4. Ask for proof that the roof system meets code compliance! – (Note: The codes in Florida CHANGED on March 15th, 2012!)

If you get the feeling the contractor is evasive, rushed, or impatient, these may be warning signs that they:

  • (A) Are not professional or qualified OR

  • (B) May be trying to take advantage of you.

Avoid the stress and call West Coast Florida Enterprises at (239) 433-9777 or contact us online, to work with a qualified roofer with a lot of experience and many positive reviews!

The preceding was the 6th installment of “Do’s and Don’ts of Roofing – For YOU the Consumer!” which is available as a FREE download.

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