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Mon, Dec 29th, 2014 West Coast Florida Enterprises Hires Tim Faas, Creates Custom Aluminum Fabrications
In acquiring Naples based Concepts in Aluminum, West Coast Florida Enterprises hires longtime southwest Florida craftsman Tim “Opie” Faas to oversee the company’s newest division, Custom Aluminum Fabrications.

Mon, Sep 29th, 2014 Naples General Contractors Complete Port Royal Club Re-roofing Project
The general contractors at West Coast Florida Enterprises were recently hired by Port Royal Club in Naples, FL to replace all of the low slope roof areas of the community and is pleased to report the project is complete.

Mon, May 6th, 2013 West Coast Florida Enterprises Debuts free eBook: The 8 RE's of Florida Contractors
West Coast FL Enterprises has published a new eBook, The 8 ‘REs’ of Florida Contractors which provides restoration and repair information for condo management companies and commercial building owners.

Mon, Feb 4th, 2013 Naples Roofers Restore 1966 Iconic Building
The Naples roofers at West Coast FL Enterprises, are working on a restoration project to bring an iconic 1966 building back to life. The structure is a more than 18,000-square-foot, two story building located near the corner of Golden Gate Parkway and 951 in Naples, FL.

Mon, Nov 26th, 2012 Fort Myers Concrete Contractors Hired to Implement FPL Diesel Tank Containment Project
Florida Power & Light (FPL) has commissioned Structural Injection Systems, concrete contractors based in Fort Myers, to oversee & implement the FPL Diesel Tank Containment Remediation project, beginning with the Manatee FPL Plant in Parrish, FL.



Roof Guaranteed! – or is it? Part One | Raise the Roof Blog!

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If you have replaced your roof in recent years, you probably THINK you have a valid roof warranty covering leaks or wind damage… Be careful!

It has always amazed us as a contractor, that the average person seems to put a whole lot of emphasis on their “manufacturer warranty”, rather than on the installing contractor’s guarantee. Truth be told, most of the manufacturer warranties are barely worth the paper they are written on.
One of the largest warranty fallacies is in the Tile Roof market. Although most of these manufacturer warranties are either “50 years” or even “lifetime”, do you know what they actually cover? Read the fine print and you will find very little teeth in these warranties. They do not cover leaks or attachment/adherence. They really only cover degradation of the product… But it’s concrete!

We don’t want to pick on the tile market though, at least they don’t imply more than they actually provide. You really need to be careful with Shingle Roof warranties and Flat Roof warranties. In Part II of this blog, we will address some of these ambiguous warranties and how you can be on the look-out. In the meantime, if you have ANY questions concerning YOUR roof warranty and would like our assistance or opinion, feel free to contact us!
Raise the Roof!





Roofing Police | Book’em Danno-Part II | Raise the Roof!
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Admit it… as a Law Abiding Citizen, don’t you just love to see the law breakers being “gently placed” in the back of squad cars?  I look forward to the day when I can go on a “ride along” with my son, who aspires to be a police officer himself some day! Just like in most any industry, the Roofing Industry has a few Bad Apples to contend with.

For the most part, the Roofing Contractors of SW FL are a professional group of men and women striving to do whats right. But we do find ourselves competing against some rather unscrupulous characters at times! There are regional groups of roofing professionals who meet regularly in an effort to separate themselves from these bad apples. In the SW FL area this group is called the South West FL Roofing Contractors Association –  (SWFRCA). We are striving to give our industry more integrity and strength than ever before by laying down the ground rules for becoming the Industry’s Elite.

You can help… By supporting those roofing contractors that make the core membership of these organizations. When you are ready to hire a roofing contractor, consider visiting the website of the organization in your area first. In SW FL that website is: www.swfrca.com.  Of course, we like to think you can’t do any better than hiring us – West Coast FL Enterprises!

Thanks in advance for Policing the Roofing Industry, and remember… Raise the Roof!





Roof Maintenance | Maintain Your Composure-Part II | Raise the Roof!

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In Part I of our Maintenance Blog Post we compared roof maintenance to maintaining your vehicle. Using that same analogy, think about how often you clean your car’s exterior. Not only do you feel better knowing the car is clean, but the car’s body shows its appreciation by warding off damaging stains and potential rust!

Your roof will also appreciate a good cleaning now and then.  Whether you have a flat roof, metal roof, shingle roof or tile, periodic cleaning is essential to a prolonged Life Expectancy. Those of you with flat roofs probably don’t ever see the roof, so its sort of “Out of sight-Out of Mind”, right? Those flat roof membranes are perhaps the most important roof of all when it comes to keeping them clean. The membrane needs to be clean so it can reflect the UV rays and last longer. Most of us clean our sloped roofs (shingles/tile) because we get tired of looking at the stains.  Don’t neglect that flat roof just because you can’t see it!

If we can help you in any way, just give us a call! We are happy to help in any way we can, after all, we are your Problem Solvers!

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